Somerset Boat Centre offer the following organised trips. Please use the calendar to the right to change month for availability.

Weekend Cruise

The Narrowboat will be running at weekends for 1.5 hour trips from Somerset Boat Centre to North Newton, Somerset and return.
Saturday from 11:00 and Sunday from 11:00, Adults £9.50 and Children Under 14’s £7

Weekend Cruise Places In Cart Child Single
Sun 23rd Jun 2019 11:00 12 0

Fish & Chip Cruise

2 1/2 hour cruise collecting supper at North Newton on the way to standards lock and returning to SBC by approx 20:00. Complimentary tea and coffee and your welcome to bring your own drinks on board.
£18.50 including supper and tea/coffee.

Fish and Chip Cruise Places In Cart Single
Fri 21st Jun 2019 17:30 0 0 Full
Fri 28th Jun 2019 17:30 5 0

Coffee & Cake Cruise

A gentle morning cruise along the Canal leaving the boat centre 10:00 to Charlton and returning approx. 12:30, with coffee and cake on board (and tea!)on a self- service basis, there is a toilet on board!
£14.50 per head

Nature Cruise

An interesting cruise with the incredibly talented and knowledgeable Naturalist Vicky. Departs 09:30 returns 12:30 at the latest. Pointing out the wonderful wildlife and natural features as we gently cruise along. Complimentary tea/coffee.
£13.50 per head

Morning History Cruise

2.5 hour cruise along the canal and learn about its history from a local speaker. Departs the Boat Centre @10:00 returns 12:30 stopping at key points to explore and view the interesting structures and tales of the canal labourers. Complimentary Tea, Coffee.
£13.50 per head

Morning History Cruise Places In Cart Single
Thu 20th Jun 2019 10:00 2 0

Live Music Cruise

Enjoy a sociable evening of music and singing on board Narrowboat Somersun, this departs at 18:30 returns approx 21:00 with visiting musicians, feel free to bring your own beverages!
From £18.50 per head

Live Music Cruise Places In Cart Single
Thu 20th Jun 2019 13:30 0 0 Full
Thu 27th Jun 2019 13:30 0 0 Full
Thu 27th Jun 2019 18:30 12 0

Mindfulness Cruise

The peace and pace of a canal cruise go hand-in-hand with relaxation and mindfulness. Together they can have a profound impact on our sense of well-being.
Research commissioned by the Canal and River Trust shows that spending just one hour or more by a waterway is strongly associated with “happiness in the moment” – combine that with mindfulness and relaxation and you’ve got 2.5 hours of stress reduction and well-being.
£16.00 per head

Mindfulness Cruise Places In Cart Single
Fri 21st Jun 2019 10:00 6 0