Boat Training

SBC Courses

SBC NBT1 – £50.00
One hour narrow boat taster session maximum 2 people.
SBC NBT2 – £140.00
Bespoke three hour taster / awareness narrow boat session maximum 2 people. Mornings only.

RYA Courses

RYA IWCC – £120.00 per person
RYA accredited one day Inland Waterways Crew Course minimum 2 people.

This is an entry level course and can be run in conjunction with the Inland Waterways Helmsman’s course for mixed ability groups.

This course is ideal for introducing friends or family members to crewing a vessel on the inland waterways, and for giving them an understanding of how they can assist the helm.  

Your instructor will cover all the basics of being a useful crew member, including personal safety; communication on board; throwing a mooring line; some basic boat handling; helping in locking operations; how to be a good look out; what to do in an emergency and looking after the environment.

RYA IWHC – £240.00 per person
RYA Inland waterway Helmsman Course two days, min 2 max 3 people.

Cruising our network of inland waterways makes for a great holiday or way of life. Inland boats range from small cruisers to narrow boats and barges.

This course is for anyone wanting to cruise the UK’s inland waterways or Europe’s extensive network of lakes, rivers and canals. It deals specifically with the requirements of the inland boater, whether they be a narrow boat owner or cruiser enthusiast.

It assumes no prior knowledge and so is ideal for the first timer, yet the more seasoned boater will learn plenty of tricks of the trade and tips to make their boating safer and more enjoyable.

It is a hands-on course with minimal theory and is not only an opportunity to learn new skills but also a fun day out!

This is a two-day course and can be taken either on Somerset Boat Centres boat ‘Somersun’ or on your own boat. 


Cruising the inland waterways is great fun for all ages, and children can participate in all aspects from driving the boat, operating the locks and navigating. The youngest that children can take this course is 12 years old. For further reading Canals and River Trust run a website for children to learn all about the inland waterways of the UK.

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RYA PB1 – £110.00 per person
RYA Powerboat Level 1 Inland one day course, min 2 max 3 people

Give yourself peace of mind that your children have the basic skills to keep themselves safe on the water’. SBC, Chief Instructor Phil Murphy.

This course is an introduction to boating techniques for launching and recovering a boat from a road trailer, everyday boat handling and the use of safety equipment.

A one-day introduction to power boating. Ideal for the kids to be safe on the water’

This is a great course for children to become familiar with basic boating especially if they are using tenders, small ribs etc on holidays.

Requirements & Outcomes

Assumed knowledge: None
Minimum duration: 1 day
Minimum age: 8. Candidates under the age of 16 will be issued with an endorsed certificate

Course content
Launch and recovery (8-11 year old’s observe)
Preparation of boat and crew, boat handling, picking up and securing to a mooring buoy, leaving and coming alongside, being towed

Ability after the course: Able to drive under supervision

RYA PB2 – £210.00 per person
RYA Powerboat Level 2 Inland two day course, min 2 max 3 people

This two-day entry level course provides the skills and background knowledge needed to drive a powerboat and is the basis of the International Certificate of Competence (ICC).

It focuses on low speed close quarters handling, man overboard recovery, an introduction to driving, and collision regulations. The course is taken inland and your certificate will be endorsed accordingly.

When applying for an ICC please note:

Coastal Powerboat Level 2 you can apply an ICC for coastal waters and power up to 10m.

Inland Powerboat Level 2 you can apply for an ICC for Inland waters and power up to 10m as long as you successfully complete a CEVNI test.

Requirements & Outcomes

Assumed knowledge: None. May be preceded by Level 1 Start Power boating
Minimum duration 2 days
Minimum age 12. Candidates under the age of 16 will be issued with an endorsed certificate

Course content
Launching and recovery, boat handling, securing to a buoy, anchoring, leaving and coming alongside, man overboard

Ability after the course: Self-sufficient power boater in the right conditions, aware of own limitations and those of craft